The Beginning

Hello semuanya...

It’s almost 1am here, I’m wide awake still... and suddenly i really really wanna make a post in my blog, activate my blog, whatever... i just wanna active and creative like before...

As we all know my old blog, mydeliciouskitchen, debswanderlust wordpress, adalah blog yang bener-bener like my diary, seperti jaman kita pas SD, excuse my writing kadang indo kadang english, what to do... haha i just wanna talk with you guys... talk whatever in my head. So mydeliciouskitchen sudah ada bertahun-tahun, disana tempat sebagian besar kita ketemu, tempat saling berbagi cerita, resep, keluarga dan lain lainnya...

I know my life is completely different now, well let say, mydeliciouskitchen was my womanhood blog, debswanderlust wordpress is my transition blog, and this, i promise you it will be my one and only blog.

I’m quite satisfied and happy that i can have my as my website, my journal and my place to share and know all the new family and lovely people out there, but also keep us our friendsblogship becoming tigher than ever.

My sincerely big thank you for all my best friends, family, my friendsblogship for always support me and generous to me during the difficulties of my life. May God bless you always.

Lots of love


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