When You Coffee Just Taste Like #@%&

Again, repost, my super bad experience in The Ground of Alexandria

I really like coffee... yup i was so in love with coffee until i was thinking to opening the coffeeshop. I took course, professional course and class for being a barista, and even i took a latte art class. Well that's was long back maybe around 3 years ago.

Anyway... speaking about coffee... i always love to try the new coffeeshop in everywhere. Wherever i go either for traveling or wherever i live, i'll always willing to find a coffeeshop for ordering mostly the same things, cappuccino.

In my instagram have cappuccino "collection" pictures from everywhere i went.

Today, at this moment i sit in the well known coffeeshop in Sydney who claim them self always busy coffeeshop. In my perspective, people want to sit and stay in the coffeeshop for relax, enjoy, having a meeting, catching with friends, and sometimes having life sharing in there with the friends.

We're not coming to the coffeeshop for; entering the coffeeshop, sit down, order coffee, drink that coffee till finish, pay the bill, and then walk out of the coffeeshop, I guarantee it will be only take 5minutes for every person and it must be very effective for this most busiest coffeeshop ever! Based on what the front door girl employee of this coffeeshop told me.

Well, long story short, as a naive and honest person, I requested them to put me in somewhere convenience and quite ( or you can say invisible) because i might be bit long, i'm waiting for my boyfriend, she asked me " the front girl coffeeshop" who said to me her place is a busy coffeeshop , well her place of she work with, how long??? Well maybe 2hours-ish, i answered.

She said to me, well you have to wait outside, i surprised and reply her, but i wanna order breakfast, oh ok you can sit then, and she finally pleased me to sit  (what the!) 🙄

After i sat, not even take off my coat,  i saw her talking to her colleagues and a guy, which is lately i knew that dude is the coffeeshop manager, they were all looking at me... seriously i felt uncomfortable and annoyed. I called that girl and talked to her i said that i really uncomfortable of what she did to me... the way she told her colleagues that i am the 2hours girl, who waiting of her boyfriend. I said to her, how come you’re thinking that i will just sit in there waiting my boyfriend without ordering anything... i asked her what is the limitation time of sitting in your ✌🏽busy✌🏽 coffeeshop? She answered, 1 and 1,5hours, I said, what time is it?  It's 9.30am and i already ordered cappuccino and cake, in 1hour i will order lunch because it must be 10.30 already, another 1hour i will order your tea set and coffee $12 promo and if my boyfriend come maybe and he come with his friends then we will order some more foods, how bout that? She didn't answer me and she asked her other colleague and she said yes limit is 1 up to 1,5 hours, but off course you can order as much as you like so sorry about inconvenience. Yes please you can order as much as you want, What the? 🤷🏻‍♀️

So weird isn't? I felt so weird until i couldn’t help myself to wrote this in my blog, while i wrote this post, the manager came to me, he asked me, is there anything else you want to order? I said yes later, he asked me when do your boyfriend will come, i said maybe in 1hour and he acted seeing his iPad, yeah i’m not stupid, he acted checking his ipad to see show me how busy of this coffeeshop and he already got somebody reservation of this  table, i lost my patience, and I spontaneously confronted him;

Me: What do you mean asking so many questions about how long my boyfriend will come and checked your iPad do you want to throw me out of here?! I feel very uncomfortable, and this is so rude!

Manager dude: Oh, (pretending surprised or maybe he surprised because i was very angry) I didn't mean to make u uncomfortable this Ipad is nothing in it (he showed me his Ipad, and yes i was right he only acting to checked his ipad) i just want to make sure that your ok like i asked everyone in here

M: I'm not okay! And i'm very disappointed and this is very rude of you i want my bill

He walked in the cashier machine and i followed him.

M: This is a very uncomfortable for me and bad experience for me of what you all did to me... from the first thing, i came to this coffeeshop and as a good and considerate customer i informed you that i will be bit long in here, and you told me to wait outside, what the hell i have to wait outside, should i order and eat my food outside? And as a manager you must be know that this customer who already inform you before, in the front, that she will be long in this place, she will order everything what's in this coffeeshop while she’s waiting, what on earth that she will just sit and not order anything... and how come you give me limitation for 1 up to 1,5hours to stay, did you put timer to all your customer and you will warn them that their time is up?

Waiting for long means, order coffee, lunch, and tea time (yes i have to repeated  again of what i said to the front girl before) should i order coffee and cake, close the bill and then going out, go in again order lunch and going out, then go in and order tea and cake again???

He said sorry many times and he offered me that I don’t have to pay my coffee and cake it's on him. I refused his offer, i didn't want them talking behind my back,  that i did that, making problem and complain because i expected the free food. I want them to learned a lesson, and not do anything like they did to me to everyone just because they claim that their place, of their working with is the busy coffeeshop. He offered coupon for, if i come to that place again he will taking care of me and he will give the seat immediately, well... it really doesn't matter anymore and i really not interested at all. It was a busy, yes and crowded coffeeshop for me.

My mood was ruined, and everything was so annoying...

My conclusion is, the taste of coffee actually based on your mood and the ambience of your surroundings. When it all sucks, even you in the most famous coffeeshop in the world, then your coffee just taste like 🖕🏽🤐🤦🏻‍♀️


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