Bishop vs Ana Perenna

Here’s our wine of this week, actually because of this week is the long weekend so we kinda have 2 or 3 nights wine nite in a row.

T like to compare the wine, well, we always did that before but, we always forgot about how it tasted so that’s why we have to do it again and again and again lol so here it is we need to put it down the wine and try to write it down like a wine reviewer

So here we go, Bishop Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016 vs Ana Perenna Barossa Valley 2017 both are from Ben Glaetzer. The Bishop taste lighter compare to Ana Perenna, actually i hate the spice after taste from the wine that i can taste it from this Ana Perenna but surprisingly it was pretty good! Definitely perfect pair with out T-Bone steak. 

So the winner of this two is Ana Perenna 2017, Full bodied, giving you bit spice at the end but smoothly after taste.


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