Tips How to Handle Your Rude Neighbour

Living in the new place and country, especially when you live in the apartment or condo, neighbor can becoming a very kind of issues. 

In my country, Indonesia especially area that my mum lived. We treated our neighbor as a family, treat them nice, and be even closer than our own blood related family. Why? the reason is simple, neighbor is our closest related we can help each other, our neighbor is the first person ever we can reach in person to help us with anything. 

Unfortunately that's not happening in the place that i live now. Maybe because of western or just the individual quality but this is my reality and no jokes about it.

Recently i passed by with the neighbor and they just live across our door, or maybe aside anyway i smiled at her and guess what she didn't even smile back at me and just looked at me with the hatred and scary look. Just the tiny things that can change the whole people mood i just think how come there are such a mean and rude person in this world, in this situation.

Maybe she and the husband laugh because some idiot girl tried to be friendly to them. Question, what for? Is it satisfying?? 

Well here i am the idiotic friendly girl try to digest everything and quickly search in the internet, "How to Deal with the Rude Neighbor" and these are the excellent tips that i'm willing to do and practice if i ever, ever meet them;

  • Fire to Fire : Means that if they put flat scary face, then put flat scary face, don't even bother to smile, say hi or whatever. Trying to pretend that they never exist and be like Nicole Kidman in The Other movie, yes! consider they like "the other" so you won't bother to see not even eye contact necessary, just Ignore. Fire with Fire.
  • Some article said Tame'em with Kindness, well hellow... we are living in the difficult world everybody struggling with their own life. Kindness is for the people who deserve to be kindness-ed for. Apparently we are living in the world that if you give too much kindness then they gonna used you or disrespect you so let's not wasting our time with this. Even though my life motto is never hurt anyone and be nice to everyone, Karma does exist.
Anyway... my point is.. one or two annoying neighbor is not the end of the world and doesn't mean that you live in a filthy and bad environment, just ignore, live your life and move on. Let "the other" be "the other"


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